E-Governance in Palestine and the MENA region (INDIGO) Project



  • Sabah Tartir / Computer Engineering
  • Aya Jalal / Computer Engineering
  • Mohamad Khalaf / Urban Planning Engineering
  • Maram Khaled / Urban Planning Engineering
  • Salsabil Abdulah / Urban Planning Engineering


Weak communication between the municipality and the citizens, which led to a lack of trust between the citizens and the municipality in Tulkarm.


Smart electronic application that identifies complaints and responds to them automatically by relying on a spatial database (maps) that is configured in advance so that it extracts data directly from the maps and links them to the various municipal departments, in addition to working to provide knowledge and increase citizens’ awareness of the municipality’s work and improve communication between the citizens and the municipality.


It is critical to find smart solutions to municipal problems using modern technology while supporting electronic governance for Palestinian municipalities through the design of digital services and solving these problems with the involvement of citizens as actual users of these solutions through a collaborative creative process spanning from identifying the problem to developing and testing solutions and increasing the possibility of access, and participation.

This project relied on human centered design methodology to create a communication application between the municipality’s public services department and the citizens of Tulkarm. The users (citizens) will be able to login and sign up, track and add their transactions, add complaints with their location and receive a response from the municipality to track and solve it, report a fire, add suggestion and create a chat system between the municipality and citizens, so the municipality will be able to get and store the most reluctant questions, and finally, stay up to date with the municipality’s news. Furthermore, the municipality will be able to communicate with citizens via a website that will include motivating and encouraging phrases that will vary on a regular basis, providing employees with high enthusiasm. There will also be a collection of responsibilities that the municipality’s public services staff will do, such as responding to citizen chats and sending notifications based on location.

This project includes a website as well as a mobile application. The Flutter framework, which is based on the Dart programming language, was used to create the mobile application and website. It also provides an API, which is an open-source server environment that Nodejs uses to enable the core features of the applications and handle the two types of databases utilized, ”Mongo DB” and ”Firebase.” Lastly, the project proceeded through the complete development process from start to finish, beginning with database development, then designing, then implementing the entire thing, and finally putting it all together.